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We want to extend our grateful appreciation to all who have contributed over the years and to those who continue to contribute as well as to all previous and current board members.

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I am so grateful for Casa. They helped me change my life. I never thought a rehab could help me, but I was wrong. I’ve changed my life. I am sober and very happy.

Casa was the best surprise I’ve had in 39 years. It totally changed the way I felt about myself and my life (for the better), and I made it through it all. I’d recommend it to anyone who’s ready and willing to change their life.”

Krystal B.

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Donations are fully tax deductible.

“Casa de Amigas is an amazing place. I learned so much here. The staff is great. I am very grateful for having the opportunity to come to this program.”

Jessica P.

“My life was falling apart everywhere around me. I did not recognize myself anymore. Finally God lead me here. I was scared and alone until I walked into your doors. I found hope, support and love when I thought I didn’t deserve it. Now I’ve rebuilt my life, my family and my heart. I’m a very strong, confident and beautiful woman. I have things back in my life I haven’t had in years. So for me Casa de Amigas was the answer.”

Irene P.